Make jenkins build specific GIT tags

We’re using Jenkins as our preferred CI tool at 24i. Recently we had a requirement to build specific version numbers and let them deploy through Jenkins.

The way we solved it was the following:

In the advanced options for the GIT settings in a project set the refspec to only fetch master:


And in the branch to build use:


This allows us to build any tag in the repo on jenkins. The next step will to be able to build and deploy specific releases at any time from a service like Slack ūüôā

Laravel: combine Blade and Angular

So, you like Laravel, but you want to hook it up to AngularJS. If you’re using the Blade templating system shipped with Laravel, this will create a conflict, because the same tags apply for templating.


{{ $yourVariable }}


{{ yourObject.yourKey }}

So, when Laravel tries to compile a Blade template it’ll produce an error. The quick tip here is to do the following:


@{{ yourObject.yourKey }}

Now Blade will ignore the tags and angular will parse it nicely!

Magento cron – php version inconsistency

So, we just found an amazing problem on our server regarding running the magento cronjob.

The cron file was run but nothing was scheduled. After much debugging we encountered the following.

For some (magical) reason the cron daemon used the binary in


while the preferred binary should be


so a quick fix was backing up and renaming the binary in


and symlinking the one in local.

This was encountered on a server running DirectAdmin, so if you have a similar problem: check the php version run by your cron daemon!

Laracon EU: The slides

So I’ve been to Laracon EU last week, it was great and extremely helpfull. Here are some of the talks given there:

Ben Corlett – Bridging the gap

Jordi Boggiano – In depth with composer

Matthew Machuga –¬†Objects, Testing, and Responsibility

Phill Sparks – Software Design Patterns in Laravel

Taylor Otwell – Building Artisan Commands
as the talk itself consisted of talking and showing/writing code, Taylor pushed everything to github:

Ross Tuck – HTTP and Your Angry Dog

These are all very interesting talks, be sure to check them out!